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The Official Good MBA Guide
Aalto University, Finland ( formerly known as Helsinki School of Economics)
BI Norwegian School of Management / NTU
HEC Paris and NUS Double Degree MBA
Heriot Watt University MBA
James Cook University MBA
Murdoch University MBA
Nanyang Technological University MBA
National University of Singapore and Peking University MBA
National University of Singapore MBA
Northwestern University / HKUST EMBA
NTU and Norwegian School of Business EMBA
NTU and Shanghai Jiao Tong University
NTU and Waseda University Double MBA
NUS Asia – Pacific Executive MBA
NUS, Korea University and Fudan University MBA
Queen Margaret University MBA
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey MBA
S P Jain School of Global Management EMBA
Singapore Management University EMBA
Temple University EMBA Singapore
The University of Adelaide MBA
The University of Hull EMBA Singapore
UCLA and NUS Double MBA
University of Northumbria MBA
University of Birmingham MBA
University of Bradford MBA
University of Manchester MBA
University of Newcastle MBA
University of Nottingham MBA
University of Strathclyde MBA
Cardiff Metropolitan University MBA
Featured Executive Programs in Asia-Pacific

Executive Certificate in Organisational Leadership
The Effective Manager Program is a premium leadership training program for highly-motivated managers and team leaders who would like to accelerate their leadership development. Participants will gain confidence and a new perspective as they learn how to lead and manage others. The specially-designed curriculum will help participants to gain insights into the roles and responsibilities of a manager, diagnose their current situation and build skills and capabilities for their critical function by understanding key management concepts and tools. This leadership training course is highly interactive and inspiring and participants will learn in a peer environment through discussions and exercises focusing on Asian workplace scenarios and global best practices in leadership and management.


Executive Certificate in Strategic Negotiation
Based on an executive learning model and packed with practical ideas, The Strategic Negotiator® Program is a blended conceptual and hands-on negotiation skills training course in Asia aimed at people who would like to be a better negotiator personally and professionally. In fact, Harvard University’s research suggests that all great leaders share a key quality: the ability to negotiate.
Participants will gain the skills, insights and competencies required for negotiation at all levels regardless of industries and organizational contexts. They will learn important negotiation concepts, strategies and skills, how to develop negotiation power and how to become more influential in all kinds of business and social interactions.

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Edupoll Education News Links

  • Sabah Earthquake Fund to Help Rebuild Lives

    In response to various requests from the public, a 'Sabah Earthquake Fund' has been set up for the dependents of Singaporeans who have lost their lives, as well as for the trainers and guides in Sabah who have lost their lives or had their livelihoods affected by the 5th June 2015 earthquake. The Ministry of Education (MOE) will handle the collection of donations to this Fund, which will be administered by the Temasek Foundation.

    Members of public who are keen to contribute to the Fund may wish to make their donations to one or more of the following groups...

  • 2015 Primary One Registration Exercise (For Admission to Primary One in 2016)
  • Media Statements on Students in Mt. Kinabalu

  • Speech by Mr Heng Swee Keat, Minister for Education, at the Institute of Technical Education Graduation Ceremony 2015
  • Day of National Remembrance declared for Singaporeans killed in the Sabah Earthquake

    The Prime Minister is deeply saddened by the deaths of eight Singaporeans in the earthquake at Mount Kinabalu. They were one teacher and six pupils from Tanjong Katong Primary School on an overseas learning trip, plus one adventure guide. One teacher and one student are still missing.

    On behalf of all Singaporeans, the Prime Minister expresses his deepest condolences and sympathies to their families and loved ones. As we grieve over the loss of these young lives, we also take heart that they were striving to stretch their limits and take on new challenges.

    The Prime Minister also thanks all those who...

  • Speech by Guest-Of-Honour, Mr Heng Swee Keat at the Malay Language Seminar 2015
  • Speech by Ms Sim Ann at the Singapore Book Fair 2015





  • Speech by Ms Sim Ann at the Asian Festival of Children’s Content


    Good evening. I would like to start by expressing my appreciation to the National Book Development Council of Singapore for inviting me to the ever-growing Asian Festival of Children’s Content. This is my third year attending the festival, and I am happy to see many familiar faces here.

    The Asian Festival of Children’s Content is dedicated to promoting and celebrating quality content for children. At Celebrating Our Stars, we honour all those who have strived to make this vision a reality, by highlighting the excellent work of our authors, illustrators and publishers.

    Reading to children

    There are many activities we can do...

  • Speech (in Chinese) by Mr Heng Swee Keat at the 30th All Secondary Schools Xiang-sheng Competition


    今年是我国建国五十周年,而据我所知,全国中学相声表演赛 也正好迈入了三十周年。十年树木、百年树人。培育人才需要投入漫长的时间和巨大的精力。作为一项文化工程,在漫漫三十年间,持续不断地为本地中华文化的推广添砖加瓦,这的确 是一项十分难得的成就。

    新加坡自独立以来就积极推行双语教育政策,为国家栽培精通双语双文化的人才。教育部推出了几项开拓性的措施,例如开办高级华文课程和语文特选课程,推行特别援助学校计划和双文化课程。通过这些课程和学习计划,鼓励华族学生学习华语和华族文化。随着每一个新计划的开展,成果越来越显著。我们期待熟悉中国语言、文化和历史的21世纪双文化精英,成为我国未来的文化大使。推广双文化和双语活动不仅仅是教育部的责任。我们需要更多的机构参与和支持英语和母语的推广活动,让我们在培养双文化和双语人才方面能够 更上一层楼。

    学习华文华语,不仅能让国人在国际竞争中处于优势,更重要的是能让学生在学习语言知识的当儿,增进自己在文化、历史和传统价值观等方面的成长。因此,我们在华文教学方面提倡“寓教于乐、乐学善用”,使教材和教学变得更有趣味,希望学生能以活学活用的方式掌握华语。在学习华语的四项技能“听、说、读、写”中,“说”是十分重要的一环。说话是人与人之间沟通最直接的方式,让人们有效的交换信息、思想,以及传达感情。因此,学生参与表演相声的活动 有利于加强他们表情达意的技巧,增益他们的语言表达能力,培养他们在公开场合演讲的能力,同时还能增强自信心。我了解相声表演除了要求参赛学生以生动、标准的华语说学逗唱、展示幽默之外,表演的内容通常也都会赞美美好、批评丑恶。这不但使华文的学习变得更贴近生活、也更加有趣,而且还有助于参赛的同学和到场支持的观众从表演中了解中华文化和学习做人的道理,传承了我们华族优秀的传统价值观。这与教育部一贯提倡的“以学生为本,以价值观为导向”的理念是吻合的。





  • Cherishing our Past, Celebrating our Present and Creating our Future

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